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that they have been forgotten can be a good thing

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Saturday, November 25th 2006

11:26 PM

back in harness

how long has it been since first Natalynn Winningways story began to unfold here...

i was rushing along....writing at least 4 to 8 posts a week and suddenly i got derailed.....blame it on the moon....someone started howling.....a winsome cry.....and my fickled heart returned it......

whoa is me !!!

i was scooped up by the universe and hurled thru space at the speed of a meteor


but i don't intend to dwell on this....in fact i've dwelled on it to long already

much has happened on this long sojourn i've taken away from this book.....and all thru it i heard Atachments calling....i thought it was simmering on the back burner in my mind.....but eventually even i had to admit to myelf that my delicious Native soup had grown cold

i hadn't tended the fire,,,,and like a candle burning at both ends had burned out myself

i feel myself leveling out now.....so pen in hand....or bottom planted firmly in the computer chair i return to bring this tale back to life and finish it

bare with me please...while i look for my outline notes....and read my last few book posts

and once again we will be on that journey of discovery with

natalynn winningway

joseph winningway

she takes wing

and all the other characters of the book

thanks for your patience




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