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Monday, March 27th 2006

8:00 AM

~*~the dogs of war~*~

 the God Damned military just has to horn in on this don't they thought Amel Markem as he heard the helicopters landing

the top brass at the Pentagon had been hounding him for weeks....ever since the Wings data got solid enough for it to be entered into the Winningway data base.....what the hell did this have to do with the military anyway...... he knew they were rabid about the possible military applications of winged creature...human or not...but really....weren't they putting the "cart before the horse" on this one...........the fetus or what ever it was wasn't anywhere near birthing.....he'd heard the "Sky Woman" scenario.....the blathering of superstitious indigenoius people trying just as hard as he was to plum the truth of it......he'd give them that much...afterall anthrpology was a science 

altho it digusted him that they still were so unwilling after 60 years of gene manipulation to trust  genetic science considering the improvement it had made in their overall heath

unless they came with guns  he had no intention of relinguishing the creature after she/he/it was born.....

                     they came with guns


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7 if you speak.

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Posted by The Zoo:

OH BOY! This doesn't look good... except maybe someone will point their gun at old Doc Markem and bring him down a notch or two! Oh what is NEXT??? Great as always Nan!
Saturday, June 3rd 2006 @ 6:33 PM

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