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Monday, March 27th 2006

9:15 AM

~*~tides of change~*~

 Walks in Two Worlds noticed the difference on the 4 Corners REZ.....many of the gene cleaned couples were being called in to the medical clinic often...more often then usual....

the military security had doubled  altho they were friendly and had smiles on their faces......they covered more of the Rez as the walked and drove around it......they had started to use night vision goggles at night....something they had never done before.....

 Justice Annakpok noticed the difference too....his shrimshaw journal was growing fat with his observations......he and his wife Maaki  were headed back to Inuit country......it was lonesome on the REZ without the Winningways and they had decided to fly to Seattle first and drive out to Neah Bay to visit with them and their whaling cousins and family.....he was wondering how things were going for the three of them....how was Natalynns prenancy going.....because of what he knew he was more then concerned about it....

Neah Bay in summer was a great place.. Cape Flattery was beautiful and alive with all the seafood that could be harvested in the tidepools.......the fir and pine and cedars grew nearly down to the shoreline and wrapped themselves around the grey sandy beaches....

the Makah's said the water and the land were lovers...ever changing.....never parted...they caressed eachother......and the water brought her treasures and gifts willingly to the land......and as it slid back it took some of the sandy beach to twirl and dance with on the oceans floor...

and within that magical place lived the largest creature on earth....the whales  and the tribe who honored and asked their permission when they hunted and killed them....the Makah

the Annakpoks couldn't wait to see them..... Maaki was especially eager to go...back to her own land for a vacation....seeing the Winningways on the way was fine with her....she just wanted to leave this hot dusty place....she had been born to a place where ice water ran in her veins....just to have the permafrost crunching under the soles of her reindeer shoes....miles and miles of ice was her idea of paradise

this time she may not return to the 4 Corners with her husband when their vacation was over....she loved him but every part of her body ached and was insistant to be home.....


 to continue read next post

10 if you speak.

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Posted by AmandaMagick:

I love the water and land part too! very good visual scene. I hope all is well with you.

Tuesday, May 30th 2006 @ 4:03 PM

Posted by The Zoo:

I like the little side thing with Justice and Maaki too...
Did I tell you that I always read really good books twice?
Monday, May 29th 2006 @ 12:29 PM

Posted by The Zoo:

I love that "water and the land are lovers..."
Very happy to see Justice and Maaki are going! Something tells me he is going to be needed.
Thanks for writing Nanz... even with that sore foot!
Sunday, May 28th 2006 @ 1:41 PM

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