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Monday, March 27th 2006

10:00 AM

~*~hit the ground running~*~

 the minute the car stopped in front of the long house Michael bounded out and hit the ground running.....New Horse came booming out thru the doors with a huge smile on his face and turned his head laughing as he watched him fly like the wind into the horse pasture....."that boy" he said as he shook Joseph's hand and gathered Natalynn up in his arms to hug her "are you sure some horse didn't foal him and you just found him out in the long grass".........

then he felt a pounding into his stomach...like the kicks he often felt when one of his mares was in foal.....it was from Natalynns baby as he held her tight.....stepping away he had a quizzical look on his face.....

Natalynn saw it and quickly said...."another feisty pony can't wait to join him".....New Horse released her and began laughing again......"How strong she is....how many legs does she have....it feels like she has extras"

Joseph shot Natalynn a look of panic....New Horses eyes followed it to its mark....but Natalynn didn't react with her own eyes.......but a small almost imperceptable squeeze on his right hand signaled him that she needed to speak to him privately and his long dead heart jumped in his chest....

why after so many years did he continue to respond to her this way.......was the imprint that deep ???????

 suddenly a feeling swept over him....this wasn't an inivitation to a quiet hidaway and a love encounter....Natalynn was in trouble........

out on the road a black car stopped and 3 people got out and stretched and scanned the landscape.....they were lost....

"i better go and give them directions Natty.....i'll be back in a few minutes.....

Natalynns lips formed into a silent NO.....and she pulled him into the longhouse....Joseph right behind them....

Michael had jumped onto the mares back and was riding bareback over to the fence line....he too had seen the car and the people wandering around it as if lost....as he got nearer they got into the car hurriedly and drove away.......

he thought he saw them using binoculars....and looking over at the longhouse......the thought that it was strange raced thru his head like the pounding hooves that carried him...and was gone in a rush of dust before he reached the grove of trees at the edge of the fence......


within seconds the only thing he had on his mind was the beautiful colt there.....and all the beautiful colts he saw in the pasture......this year Uncle New Horse would give him one.....he was sure of it.......


 to continue read next post

4 if you speak.

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Posted by The Zoo:

GREAT as usual! . I can almost smell that meadow! XOXOXO
Tuesday, May 23rd 2006 @ 9:50 AM

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