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that they have been forgotten can be a good thing

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Monday, March 27th 2006

10:45 AM

~*~ first love ~*~ lost love~*~

"they're coming" said New Horse and the happiness of the Nez Pierce exploded in a rushing around the house and the REZ  to make them welcome in every way...

the Winningway were consider relatives....not by blood but by the love they shared from a long history of visits and the knowledge of the welcome their tribe had given to Chief Joseph when he and other Nez Pierce had return fom the mid-west after their capture on the Canadian border in Montana in the 1800's and their relocation to North Western Wasington......

Natalynn had been a visiter there since childhood...traveling there with her father and mother to fish the Snake and Wenachee Rivers for salmon....what a wonderful times that had always been.....drying the fish on the long poles.....catching them before the Bald Eagles did....it was always a toss up who would catch them first....and it was a laughing time for all the children.......

Natalynn thought about the dreams she had of those places in Washington and Idaho.......

"we're going to see New Horse and the spotted horses Michael"

 she said    and it was her love of horses that drew New Horse to her.....he started to fall under her dreamy spell when he was 10....and each year as she visited and the bloom of her womanhood became more and more apparent....his desire and love for her deepened... in Nez Pierce native dress astride an Apaloosa pony he knew she was meant to be with him....at night he dreamed of her.....beautifully wild before he gentled her ....and he awoke aching from the experiance......he placed eagle feathers in her hair and strung long necklaces of blue lace

agate beads around her delicate neck..... long enough to settle on her swelling breasts below......in his dreams he stroke her wind tangled hair and counted the freckles across the bridge of her nose...and in his waking he did the same....but always with some fear and trepidation that he wouldn't be enough....he longed to cover her trembling mouth with his own.....to feel that explosion of emotions that would tumble down in both of them.....the flaring of their nostrils....the arching of their backs as each press so hard to envelope and merge with eachother....the blending....the melting....the feeling of not being able to breathe.....the drawing back with uncontrolled laughter....as a new and totally unprepared for realization caught them and lifted them into another place.....

he would say "aren't you glad i gave you the eagle feathers now"

she would say "it is the feathers in your wings that lift me"

he would say "i will take you into the sky to ride the wind"

she would say "will it be a New Horse never ridden by any other"??

he would say " i am that New Horse your wild stallion yet untamed"

she would say "i'll never seek to tame you New Horse.......

.........will you stay with me still" ?????........

when she married Joseph..... he kept the name she had given him and wrestled with the memory of the  love he'd lost for the rest of his life......


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10 if you speak.

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Wednesday, May 24th 2006 @ 1:45 PM

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