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that they have been forgotten can be a good thing

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Tuesday, March 28th 2006

2:30 AM

~*~Rez Litany**Louise Erlich~*~

Let us pray to those beatified

within the Holy Colonial Church

beginning with Saint Assimulus

patron of residential and government

boarding schools..whose skin was dark

but miraculously bled white milk for all to drink


To cure the gut ache that resulted

as 90% of Native American children are

lastose intolerant...

let us now pray to the patron saint

of the Indian Health Services

who is also the guardian of slot machines


Our Lady of Luck

she who carries in one hand mistaken blood tests

and botched surgeries...and in the other hand

the heart of a courageous doctor squeezed dry


let us pray for the scared hearts of all good doctors

and nurses....whose tasks are made manifold and more difficult

by the twin saints of commodity food

Saint Bloatinus and Saint Cholestrus

who were martyred at the stake of body fat

and who now reside in heaven

at the gates of the Grand Casino Buffet


Saint Macaronia and Saint Diabetia hear our prayer

it is terrible to be diminished toe by toe

good Saint Pyromane

enemy of the BIA

deliver us from those who seek to bury us

in files and triplicate documents and directives

Saint Quantum...Martyr of Blood

and Holy Protector of the Tribal Rolls

assist us in the final shredding which shall proceed

on the Day of Judgement so we may all rain down

in a blizzard of bum pull tabs

and unchosen lottery tickets which represent

the souls of the faithfully departed

in your name


your name written in original fire

we mistook long ago for trader's rum

pray for us...all you saints of white port

four roses old grandad and night train

good Saint Bingeous who fell asleep upside down on the cross

and rose on the third day without even knowing he had died

Saint Odium of the hundred-proof blood

and Saint Tremens of the great pagan spiders

dripping from the light fixtures


you powerful triumvirate intercede for us

drunks stalled in bars

float our asses off cracked stools

and over to college

where the true saints are ready to sacrifice their brain cells

in for our brain cells in that holy exchange which is called learning


Saint Microcephalia...patron of huffers and dusters

you of the cooked brain and mean capacity you

of the simian palm line and poor impulse control

you of the Lysol soaked bread...you sleeping with dogs

underneathed the house hear our prayers

which we utter backwards and sideways

as nothing makes sense

least of all your Abstinence Campaigns

from which Oh Lord Deliver Us

Saint Primapara..gravida...Humpeninabackseat

you patrons of unsafe teenage sex

and fourteen year old mothers

pray for us now and at the hour of our birth ...




the White man had set them on this path....lifted them out of their homelands......rounded them up...put them in places foreign and desolate.....promised them assimulation into the broader more civilized and prosperous White culture.....

but instead they created their medical and social difficulties.....by not recognizing or caring how they would react to high starch diets or alcohol ....by surounding them with nothingness...no cultural outlets...... and tending to them like a herd of sheep.....

but even sheep are allowed to wander from place to place...to seek more productive pasturing.....

thus when the nomads of the Americas became a morass of broken spirits and unfullfilled dreams.....many turned from the lies....began that long spirtual walk back to spiritual place of the "Original Fire"

even if it was only a place that would heal their broken souls.....

the REZ could be a jail....or a place of contemplation and meditation....for Walking In Two Worlds....it was the latter.....when the helicopter landed he was at Justice Annakpok's side to receive her 

into the comfort of  Native medicine and the power of that long ago understanding of how she would be treated in the "cradle time".....he had pledged to safeguard her in any and all ways possible....

when Dr Amel Markem reached the roof where the helicopter landed he was surprized to see such a large group of native people who were waiting.....he had no inkling what a formidable foe they would be....and among the physicians who came with him were many who also would ally themselves with these native people and would stand in the breach of his work as well


2 if you speak.

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