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Tuesday, March 28th 2006

2:40 AM

~*~the law~*~

  Justice Annakpok had gone to the 4 Corners Law Center as soon as he left Queenie Shambala the day the Winningways had left for Neah Bay.....he had told the head of the law firm the story...in complete legal confidence of course...... about the baby that Natalynn was carrying that had been threation by the genetic medical community with early delivery and death because of some malformation to the boney structure of the childs scapulars......

when the lawyer was fully impressed with the fact that this would probably be occuring without full disclosure to the Winningways and they would not have the understanding needed to give a well informed consent to the procedure.....and that any unwillingness to have the procedure done on their part ..... would simply be "steamrolled" by the doctors and therefore would infinge on their personal and guaranteed tribal and contitutional rights....the issue went immediately to the top of the First Nation Federal Docket in court the next morning.....

jugdes were called and stays written against any and all procedures by the medical professionals to further test or in anyway do any and all medical procedures on Natalynn Winningway .......

and so when the helicopter set down on the roof of the medical building .....with Natalynn Winningway and her family....she was met by Justice Annakpok and the lawyers from the center......


~*~now everyone will know~*~

the ALCU has feelers out to every court docket in the country every day....especially those that are directly related around those that had in the past been called second class citizens....all federal dockets that were Indian courts were always scanned daily...so the morning that Natalynn's helicopter set down....

the ACLU was already investigating into the particulars of the stays written for her medical care....

because as in the beginning of the ACLU organization....it had always been the ACLU conviction that 


8 if you speak.

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ha ha ha ha ha ohhhh this is killing me. Very nice!!!! and oh by the way come to my journal a read about my grandfather ok?

Saturday, May 6th 2006 @ 7:56 PM

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