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Tuesday, March 28th 2006

2:45 AM

~*~lost and found~*~

 Natalynn and Josephs bracelets were found by the cleaning crew between the cushions of the couch in the Genetics ward at 5AM the following morning....the female housekeeper thought seriously about keeping Natalynn's but knew she'd never be able to wear it on the REZ because someone would be looking for it....it was too beautiful not to be missed....maybe she should keep it and send it to her sister as a gift...she put it in her pocket and continued her cleaning chores.....Josephs was dropped in the lost and found box on the first floor....

the night shift security officer noticed that the locators in the Genetics ward had moved.... one was now on the first floor and the other was moving around.... but he thought nothing of it

the ultrasound on Natalynn that had been done the day before.... had been veiwed again and again.... with much discussion.... by Lucius Bonavitra and Queenie Shambala....and was later deposited in a large brown envelope in a cubby with a placard that read Dr Amel Markem on it.....he would be viewing it when he came in later that morning

at 6AM the day security officer did a full security sweep that included a viewing of all locators as well as GPS microchip locations.......

at 6:10 AM the housekeeper was stopped and asked about the bracelet she had on her person by a military policeman....she turned it over to him and told him where she had deposited the other one....

at 7:15AM Dr Markem tore open the brown paper envelope and slipped the video of the ultrasound into the player and push play...

at 7:25AM he called the ward to see if Natalynn Winningway had been admitted to a bed there.....

at 7:30AM the security level of green was changed to RED

~*~spring into action~*~

 the image of the Native American as an easy going laid back speaker of mystical and obtuse truths in the hushed atmosphere of misty spiritual demensions....was true....


but as often as not they might just enjoy getting it over on the WHITE guys...or avoiding a discussion that they might not want to enter....they might be filabustering an argument in the same way all peoples of inductive logic function.....

create a false trail.....like the fox....double back along the fence and leap into the water where they couldn't be scented.... to attain safety

however their slippery mental shape shifting was usually a defense mechanism....a "catch me if you can" behavior.....i can't get on my pony and speed off over the terrain to flee and find some place to hide so that i can

"live to fight another day"  ...so the wild ride across the Utah desert was a waste of time because of course the Goverments projects would always be protected 7 ways from Sunday ......their car may have been fitted with a GPS device...they didn't know their bracelets were until Dr Shambala asked for them..how else could they be tracked.....Native Americans were once the best trackers in the country.....a broken blade of grass could show the way to their discerning eyes......their could remove their own trails so completely that even GOD may not have able to have known "they came that way"......the stood tall in the titles given to them...words like shape shifters...shadow walkers....

however they hadn't counted on the improvement in technology

wasn't that what put them in this predicament now ????

medical technology.....

but over two hundred years of coping with the WHITE man had honed in them other skills......

they knew THE LAW



6 if you speak.

Posted by Kaitlyn John:

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Tuesday, September 22nd 2020 @ 4:24 AM

Posted by zaiya mariya:

From this article, I could see some of the pictures of Natalynn and Josephs's bracelets. Good to see these ones from here. motorcycle attorney near me Hope that you will share more in the future for us. We all are waiting for your post.
Friday, September 4th 2020 @ 1:09 AM

Posted by charlly korpa:

I was eagerly waiting here to see the pictures of the Natalynn and Joseph bracelets that you have found recently. more here I think you have added the pictures here. But for my bad, it is not loading for me. What can I do?
Thursday, August 20th 2020 @ 5:37 AM

Posted by AmandaMagick:

yes it is the law isn't it? Very very interesting I am on the edge of my seat now. hmmm hmm hmmm.......whats next? Do tell.

Saturday, May 6th 2006 @ 3:30 PM

Posted by The Zoo:

Oh geez! THE LAW?
You just keep me so WONDERING WHAT COMES NEXT!!!
Makes me CRAZY! *winky winky*
Okay, so maybe I am already crazy, whatever!
I really just love the way there has not been ONE boring sentence SO FAR! I couldn't be more impressed Nanz!
Next year the Flames will win!
Robin's post is up XOXO
Thursday, May 4th 2006 @ 12:04 PM

Posted by The Zoo:

ha HA HA! I bet poor old evil Dr. Markam is PI**ED!!! Looks good on him if you ask me!
Thursday, May 4th 2006 @ 10:50 AM

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