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Tuesday, March 28th 2006

5:00 AM

~*~Taboo subjects~*~

  the next day when Queenie was mostly recovered from her near-death experience and snuggled comfortably into a hospital bed on the Allergy floor visitors came.....

the BIG GUNS....some of whom she had never met...was that Dr. Amel Markem standing at the end of her bed ??????

could the two of them even breathe the same air ????

she tried to sit up and regain the modicum of professionlism she would need to speak with these lofty colleagues....

they were to the point in their inquiry.....

"did Natalynn Winningway come up from the canyon with you" ???

i don't know" she said "i was very ill when they brought me up"...

Dr Markem's nostrils lifted and flared with what she knew from previous experiance was arrogant distain....as he turned to leave the room.....Queenie said..."Doctor what is so important about this".....

since Markem knew Dr Shambala was Natalynn's childs attending he broke the taboo of how much is too much to tell...

"she is carrying a 3rd generational chromosonal manipulation.... and both the radiolgist and myself think from her first sonagram that her fetus has some ATTACHMENTS on the scapular area........there's not enough detail to know what they are from that test.....it may be just as your notes indicated shadows....but having no follow up has placed us in a very precarious position"....

perhaps they are extra limbs....or non-consequential boney growths....perhaps it was meant to be twins and the cell division was truncated early on......we need to determine this...we needed to determine it weeks ago when the fetus wasn't viable and could have been aborted....it could have been examined post mortem.....isn't she nearly 23 weeks now" ??????

"Yes" Queenie said...her head whirling in a cloud of confusion....

"if this proves to be as we suspect....we will simply have to abort the fetus anyway...pithing the brain and killing it before the birth...

have Mrs Winningway brought up from the canyon so we can proceed with our work...do it today...time is not on our side  with this procedure.....notify all pertinent departments when she is in the hospital...a designated bed has been found for her in the Genetics Ward....

bring OB GYN on board....Orthopedics....Neuclear Medicine ...Ultrasound....i'll have my lab ready to recieve the fetus after the birth....

~*~Queenie couldn't believe her ears~*~her blood felt as if it was turning to ice~*~all of the hair on her body and head stood on end~*~and she suddenly felt like vomiting~*~this was the most barbaric plan she had heard since she had~*~ as a Medical student~*~ learned the medical tactics and techniques used by the Nazi's during the second world war~*~ 

as Markem left the room she heaved her body over the side of the bed and began wretching her stomach contents onto the floor.....  

30 if you speak.

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